(Fatima bint Musa) Fatima al-Ma'suma

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That I said I feel sorry for Hazrat MasomehBecause she says that in an Islamic country, no one has the right to talk about my ancestor and QuranI felt sorry for this
Whoever has a bit of wisdom, has a bit of faith,

will come and kiss our feet too.

It takes a lot of manliness to speak freely at this time

When people see each other, they will say "believe us" yes sir

Imam Ali says:

The reason that people are confirming each other is that they’re afraid of the Quran and the Sunnah

I heard something the day before yesterday

I’m not in contact with anyone on the phone

I tell all of you, never call

Don't get to our door, I won't even come to the door

But some people answer their calls

I had a call from Qom that some people won't let anyone sell your CD here

We want the CD of your speeches, how can we have it?;

I felt very sorry for Hazrat Masoumeh

They're not dead

None of us will die at all

We lived in the world of Zar

We were alive in the loin of the Father;

We were alive in the mother's womb

We're alive here

We will be alive in the world of purgatory

We will be alive in the afterlife

There is no death

Some say that holy Quran says that the martyrs are alive

I said, my dear

A bunch of idiots who say: "why are you superstitious?"

told the same thing to those who wanted to go to war

Where are you going? Do you want to kill yourself?

Look, we gather, play, dance, and eat here

A verse descended that;

in that world, they have and eat everything

Everyone is like that

Eating in this world is not comparable to eating in that world

The food and behavior of this world cannot be compared to heaven at all

When he said that they'll not allow your CDs to be sold

I said

Thank God our youngesters are present, we'll send them wherever they want

I am telling you now

Wherever you're in Iran


By God's will, the gentlemen involved in the work will post and send it to you

Take it yourself and give it to people

This is how God's religion should be helped

Some people take dollars to prevent the spread of Quran's name

Put your soul on the table and spread Quran

God is with you

Believe me when I said that I feel sorry for Hazrat Masoumeh

Don't get me wrong, I swear

I say everything with evidence

about a year ago

One of the gentlemen who might be here right now

said that my wife had a dream

Hazrat Imam has come to our house

At that time, I also spoke at the women's religious session

A lot of ladies used to come to those religious session

For some reason, I no longer speak at the women's religious session

my photo was in that lady's house, and Imam's photo was also there

He said my wife had a dream, that Imam is in our house and he is relax

He pointed to your photo

And he said: "say hi to our elder"

That lady has great respect for imam [Khomeini] So she says: "sir you're older than him"

Imam says No

He is our elder right now

We are receiving his salutation and mercy every week

You see that I call Imam's name at the beginning of my pulpit

At the end of mourning I call his name again

I also quote some religious edicts from his treatise

The people who shout leader, leader

When have quoted a word from Imam?

you revived your soul

It is not that you think that person is just dead


If you don't believe, you're dead now

I'm not saying so

The leader, Ali says:

Most of the alive people are dead


Because they're not involved with God and Quran

And most of the people who are dead, are not actually dead and they become more famous and eternal

Don't think

That I said I feel sorry for Hazrat Masomeh

Because she says that in an Islamic country, no one has the right to talk about my ancestor and Quran

I felt sorry for this

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