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Imam Sadiq said (a.s.):

The true fasting person in Imam Sadiq's words

Imam Sadiq says (a.s.):

Fasting does not mean that someone abstains only from eating and drinking,

so harness your tongues and lower your gaze from the haram,

Do not be jealousy of each other.

Do not quarrel with each other.

Because jealousy annihilates faith as fire annihilates firewood.

Jealousy is a bad deed,

People who are jealous do not have a healthy heart, do not have a healthy body, and do not have religion.

Imam Sadiq said (a.s.):

When you fast, Your ears must be fasting, your eyes must be fasting , Your hair must be fasting.

When the month of Ramadan arrives and you fast,

In the book (of deeds) of most people, only being hungry is recorded for them,

(that is, it is recorded as such), This person lived hungry for a month.

says: Your eyes must be fasting, your ears must be fasting, that is, don't listen to backbiting, don't listen to music, your eyes must not look at what is haram, your tongue must not say haram.

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