Hazrat Ismail’s sacrifice by Hazrat Ibrahim

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These are God's orders.

After 100 years, God gave a child to Ibrahim (AS).

"Take him to cut his "God ordered.

He took him.

see the child's manners

Daddy cut my neck off my back.

Tie my hands and feet so that you don't feel pity when I scramble.

(Look, this is religion. He's Ibrahim's (AS) child)

says to his father: Daddy, tie my hands and feet in order not to feel pity while cutting my neck, because of my scramble

and also my blood not to splash on your face disrespectfully.

This is called understanding, this is called wisdom, this is called religion.

That child obviously says this, because he was brought up in the arms of Ibrahim (AS).

He said [his father]: in order not to feel pity,

and also when I scramble the blood not to splash on you disrespectfully, tie my hands and feet,

ald also cut my neck off my back.

Ibrahim (PBUH) did it.

But the knife didn't cut,

He got angry and threw the knife.

The knife hit the stone and splited it into two pieces!

Ibrahim (PBUH) said: O knife, you cut this stone in half, but can’t cut my son’s throat, which is more delicate than a flower?

It said: You say cut, my God says don't cut!

It's a test

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