Daily quote
A hadith from Imam Reza (a.s.)
Blessed Imam Reza (send blessings for his soul) says: Seven things are a sort of mockery: 1- One who seeks forgiveness verbally without repenting at heart Don't forget, repentance essentially means regret. It's not that you not to sin [at all], now I'm reading to you from "Al-Kaafi" that God loves His creatures who sin, to repent… to say: O God, I've sinned, forgive me. God hates creatures who commit sin (small or big) but are indifferent ...
The rules of Islam in the words of Imam Ali (A.S.)
Komeil who was one of the best students of Hazrat Ali (A.S), asked Imam: O Ali, what are the rules of Islam? He declared: 1- Knowledge with modesty and Islamic politeness for God’s sake. 2- Honor with honesty and veracity 3- Reading Quran and understanding it and do it honestly for God’s sake. 4- Friendship or enmity with people for God’s sake. 5- Friendship with Mohammad (S.A) with divine knowledge, that you follow Ahl-Albayt (A.S) ...
Imam Sadiq (A.S.) is the head of the Shia religion. Martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (A.S.) condolences.
Imam Sadiq (a.s.) says that the whole purpose of God and prophets has been to get these four awful traits out of us. 1- Clean up the human heart from envy, because wherever envy is, faith is absent. Wherever envy is, it's like you light a fire, put a lot of paper, cotton, straw, and wood into it, it burns [them]. The imam, the prophet… God Himself said to Moses, jealousy eats away at one's faith just as fire consumes wood, so, know that ...
The reason for the happiness or misery

Three things are the reason for the happiness of the two worlds:

1- Trust God in all matters with correct thinking

2- Diligence and perseverance in the right way

3- Fairness and justice for the satisfaction of God

Three things are the reason for the misery of the two worlds:

1- Envy

2- Nosy in people's affairs

3- Arrogance

Zakat al-Fitr
Pay Zakat al-Fitr, but everyone pay it according to their ability. when you pay Zakat al-Fitr… due to paying zakat, your fast will be accepted and God will insure [protect] your body God willing, prayers and fasts will be accepted and 
preserved, And God willing, you will stay healthy.  and God will multiply the amount that you donate a thousand times… it will turn back to you and be recorded in the book of your ...
The wretched and most evil person on earth
His highness Muhammad (s.a.w) says:If the holy month of Ramadan passes by someone and s/he’s not forgiven, s/he’s the wretched and most evil person on earth. Why? This month is the month when your breath… every breath, is recorded as [saying] a Subhan Allah for you in the Book of your deeds. This month is the month that, if you sleep, your sleep is recorded as worship. This month is the month when the [reward of] an obligatory act you ...
The best worship in Qadr nights
Professor Sheikh Ali Akbar Tehrani says: The best worship which we could do in Qadr nights are as follows: 1- Stay awake, even if not doing worship, the reward of worship is recorded for man. However, we should be careful not to commit backbiting.  2- We should count our sins from the early birth up to the present and repent of them. 3- Do good practices like saying the prayers of Laylato-al-Qard and reciting ...
Things that break one's fasting

His highness Muhammad (s.w.a.) said:
Five things break one’s fasts and invalidate one’s ablution:
telling lie,
tale bearing,
casting a passionate look (at someone)  
and swearing falsely.