the reasons for Imam Hossein’s uprising
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the reasons for Imam Hossein’s uprising
The actions that the Fourteen Infallibles, i.e., the Prophet Muhammad (s.w.a.), Lady Fatimah (s.a.), and the Twelve Imams (a.s.), performed were obedience to God’s orders. The issue of the Twelve Imams (a.s.), Lady Fatimah (s.a.), our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), and chosen prophets is that they obey God’s order. It’s not that if he didn’t do it, it’s a sin. No, It’s an order; he must obey that willingly. these twelve Imams (AS) are appointed. During the era of Muhammad bin Abdullah (Pea

The actions that the Fourteen Infallibles, i.e., the Prophet Muhammad (s.w.a.), Lady Fatimah (s.a.), and the Twelve Imams (a.s.), performed were obedience to God’s orders.
It wasn’t a matter of reason, love, etc. They obeyed God’s order.
Prophets obey God's orders.
For example, it was obligatory for the Prophet to brush his teeth,
but if you brush your teeth, it’s good, and if you don't, you’e not committed a sin.
Now, I’ll explain some of God's orders in detail one by one, listen up:
For example, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was given a child by God, who was 6-7 months old [that time].
God ordered him, saying, “Get with your wife and child, leave them in the dry desert, and come back.”
This is an order.
Would you do this?
You might say, “My intellect doesn’t allow it!”
But it’s an order.
And Ibrahim (AS) did this task.
When Moses (AS) was born, God told his mother: “Put him in a box and leave on the Nile River”.
It’s an order.
Jesus (PBUH),
His mother was the purest woman in the world in her era.
Jesus (PBUH), his mother, Lady Mary, is the purest woman in the world in her era.
Suddenly, she gave birth.
How bad it’s among those irreligious people!
It’s an order,
after bearing
take him in your hands, go to your people and relatives, but don’t speak,
If anyone asks you, gesture that I’m fasting, (i.e., I’m silence fasting)
The child will answer.
It’s an order.
Shee came,
mentioned to ask the child.
The child began to speaking: (Read the Quranic verse)
I’m the servant of God,
I’m God’s Messenger, I bring a book, and I do such and such things.
4- Our Prophet (PBUH) was sitting, (listen up)
Imam Hussain (AS) was sitting on his knee, and his son Ibrahim was sitting on his other knee.
The Prophet kissed both Imam Hussain and Ibrahim.
Suddenly, they noticed that the color of the Prophet's face changed.
They asked, "What happened to you sir?"
He replied, "Gabriel just came and said:
God orders that we wanna take the souls of one of these two, either Hussein or Ibrahim.
Choose whichever you want.
It’s an order.
What would I do? What would you do?
You may shout, “O Allah, God, announce it in the mosques, to pray!” (so that my child not to die)
(But the Prophet)… No,
It’s an order.
The Prophet (PBUH) knows that Imam Hussain (AS) is an Imam, and is gonna do certain things.
The issue is not that Ibrahim is my son.
This (referring to Imam Hussein) is the Imam of time, and God’s order is an order.
Take Ibrahim's soul. He answered.
The child fell ill and died three days later.
The issue of the messengers and imams is the issue of God’s order, not the issue of reason and like this.
5- After over a hundred years, God gifted Prophet Ibrahim (AS) a son like Ismail.
Now, it’s been ordered to take the child and sacrifice him.
If you say God is wrong, you’re infidel and impure.
If you say Ibrahim (PBUH) told a lie, you’re impure and infidel.
The issue of the Twelve Imams (a.s.), Lady Fatimah (s.a.), our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), and chosen
prophets is that they obey God’s order.
It’s not that if he didn’t do it, it’s a sin.
It’s an order; he must obey that willingly.
Was Imam Hussein (a.s.) satisfied?
Did he willingly go?
Yes, Imam Hussein (a.s.) went with satisfaction, awareness, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and desire.
First, let me tell you something: (Youth, bros, wherever you are, listen.)
The Imams are appointed, not elected.
We choose someone, and in the end, they become vicious.
It has never happened that someone we choose remains righteous and upright.
But these twelve Imams (AS) are appointed.
During the era of Muhammad bin Abdullah (Peace be upon Muhammad and his family)
During God Messenger’s era (PBUH), the command is from God Almighty.
Each of them has a task,
Meaning the same thing Imam Hussein (AS) did, Imam Hasan (AS) could have done as well (about the uprising).
The same thing Imam Hasan (AS) did, Imam Hussein (AS) could have done,
Imam Hussein (AS) could have also been patient.
 (But) it’s an order.
Imam Hasan (AS) is sitting; he knows what’s going on; he knows what’s happening.
The good ones came to him and called him, “The humiliation of believers.”
He is obeying the command,
the one who doesn’t understand, complains.
Even Abdullah Ansari, who was one of the good ones, even met Imam Baqir (a.s.) and was
called Dear uncle, said:
Why don't you take action?
He used to say to Imam Hasan (a.s.): You have become the “humiliation of believers”.
Imam Hasan (a.s.) said: If my grandpa, God’s Messenger (PBUH), tells you I’m doing the right
thing, would you accept it?
Yes, he answered.
He took his hand, took him to the mosque,
Because these extraordinary works are nothing to the Imam and the Prophet. Now the Prophet
(s.a.w) has passed away several years ago.
He took him to the mosque, Abdullah saw God’s Messenger (PBUH) sitting in the corner of mihrab.
The Prophet turned to him and said:
Abdullah, obey the order of your Imam.
(Abdullah) became silent.
Now this man, who was trained by Imam (a.s.) and Prophet (s.a.w.), asks Imam Hussain (a.s.):
Why don’t you give up
and keep silent like your bro?)
The same man! Because we don’t understand
Imam Hussein (a.s.) answered: If I take you to the presence of the Prophet (s.a.w.) and my grandpa tells you that I do the right, would you accept it?
Yes, he answered
Again Imam Hussein (a.s.) took him to the mosque,
saw God’s Messenger (PBUH) sitting there and asked: Abdullah, didn’t I tell you to obey your Imam’s order?
Didn't I say that?
Meaning, I wanna tell you: What these twelve Imams have done, apart from being based on reason, understanding,
knowledge, and wisdom, has been obedience to the order.
Why does Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say, “Indeed, Hussain is the shining light of guidance and the Ark of Salvation”?
Why does he say that?
Right now, you’ve sat on the ark of salvation, and these statements are the light of guidance.
Imagine if Imam Hussain (PBUH) had not taken these actions, would the religion have had such magnificence?
They consider the future,
(But) the worldly people only consider the present.
If they have to wait for a little while, their midday kebab will get cold.
(If their world gets a little hurt)
so, they issue a fatwa saying, “Eat!”
But Imams aren’t like that.
The Prophet (PBUH) says, “Indeed, Hussain is the shining light of guidance and the Ark of Salvation” Hussain is the guiding light of people and the ark of salvation.
So, apart from the fact that the Imam and the Prophet obey God’s order and are wise and knowledgeable,
the matter isn’t about love and like that
They obey the order.
Now I’ll explain one by one (the reasons for Imam Hossein’s uprising):
1- On the night of Ashura,
 Imam Hussein said, “I’ve risen to reform people’s affairs.”
Whoever stays tomorrow, will be killed, even me.
Well, someone who is concerned about worldly matters, begs you not to go, stop going
But Imam Hussein said ‘For the sake of reforming people’s affairs, tomorrow everyone who remains here will be killed.’
So that those who came for worldly gains leave
Not to think that ‘Oh, we’ll soon become a minister tomorrow,’ or ‘God willing, we will achieve such and such tomorrow.’
They must know that Imam Hussain (AS) doesn’t lie, everyone will be killed.
On the day of Ashura,
Imam Hussain (AS) said: “I’ve risen to support the cause of God’s religion.”
For the sake of supporting God's religion (for example, one aspect of it),
On the day of Ashura, they were only 72 individuals.
Imam stood in front of 30,000 people and said to them:
“I’m not satisfied with any of you being indebted, stand here for my sake.
Go and pay your debts.”
He wants to support God’s religion.
I have come to support God’s religion, meaning that what God has made forbidden will remain
forbidden until the Day of Judgment, and what He has made permissible will remain permissible
until the Day of Judgment.
I’m not satisfied with you being here if you’re in debt to someone [and] have an indebted.
Go and pursue your own affairs!
“I came to support my grandpa’s [Muhammad (s.w.a.)] religion.”
Reason: During all this time, he didn’t utter a single word that wasn’t from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah.
He didn’t say even a word to soothe his own heart.
Only and only what Allah has said and what the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has ordered.
I’ve risen to preserve God’s religion.
Reason: he brought his wife, child, and the six-month-old baby with him.
Well, someone whose action is for ambition, post, and position would hide his wife and children and bring them after achieving the post.
Incidentally, the same thing happened: One of those miserable people who claimed to follow Imam Hussein (AS) but didn’t come to help him.
The Imam told him, ‘Come with us!’ (On the way).
He replied, ‘No, we’ve already fought in battles, done our deeds.
But I can take care of your wife and child for you, and when you succeed, I can return them back to you.
I can provide you with horse and sword.’
Imam answered,
We don’t need these, come!
.If you don’t come or wouldn’t like to come, then when I ask
“Is there anyone to help me?”
My voice shouldn’t reach your ears!
Later, he used to cry so much that he wet the ground.

He used to say: Paradise came in my tent, I didn’t follow
Imam says: I’ve risen to preserve God’s religion
The reason:
He brought his wife and children, the six-month-old baby, to say:
‘O people, my action wasn’t for post,
wasn’t for position
 wasn’t for ambition.’

I’ve risen to call people to goodness (Amr bil Ma’ruf).
Reason: On the day of Ashura, in the midst of battle, someone suddenly says, “Sir, it’s prayer time, it’s time for noon prayer.”

The Imam prays for him and starts the prayer.
 He’ve risen to support the religion, and some of his loved ones are killed.
 “These are the reasons that indicate that the Imam acted out of knowledge, understanding, for God’s sake and preserving the religion of his grandpa, Muhammad ibn Abdullah.”
as soon as the man said, “Sir, it’s prayer time,” The Imam immediately started the prayer.
 Because we say: “Sir, now it’s time to battle….”
During the Battle of Siffin, Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) was fighting when someone came and asked a question.
He said, “Sir, I’ve this question.”
Someone else said, “Is it the time for questions within the battle?”
The Imam replied, “Be quite. We fight this battle so that the issue remains intact.
We are fighting this battle so that God’s commands remain intact.
Put aside those who trample upon religion at this time just to preserve their worldly positions.
 No, they act for God.
I’ve risen to forbid evil.
The reason is this: on the eighth day of Dhul-Hijjah, everyone rushes towards the stones to circle around them.
Imam Hussein (AS) came out with his followers from the Kaaba.
Because disbelief and evil deeds had reached such an extent that they were causing extreme destruction.

I’ve risen to forbid evil.

Well, on the eighth day of Dhu al-Hijjah, those who go to Mecca know what they should and shouldn’t do on that day.
He came out,
 Because he wanted to prove that the world has been engulfed by crimes and misdeeds, and with my uprising, things would be set right.
It’s rational.
So, this is why I’ve come to support God’s religion, not for post nor position.
On the other hand, he also mentions: People, don’t forget, God’s religion isn’t just saying prayers, pilgrimage (hajj), and fasting!
When I say these things, some people immediately object.
You should also say bro!
You should also say if you have a religion.

My dear,
Imam Hussein (AS) rose so that these words would remain.
It's not only Imam Hussein (AS) who says these words, but also the sixth Imam (AS) takes the hand of Zarara during the time of Hajj and says,
"Do you see these people circling around these stones? (He doesn't say Mecca, doesn't say Hajj.)
He says, 'Do you see these people circling around these stones?'
Because the house of God without God is just a piece of stone!
When this house doesn't have an owner, it doesn't have God, it's just a stone!
Imam (AS) said: those who circle around these stones
should come to us to learn their [needed] rulings, learn ethics.
 every year when the TV shows how they throw stones with such haste that seven of them collide there,
I say:  O wretched, have you ever restrained your carnal spirit like this in your entire life, in your own country?
Now, What will God do with you if six of them collide there tinstead of seven?
Will He hang you?

Ok, hit seven stones there.
7 x 7, hit 49 stones,

But see what God says?

He says: You have to fight with your carnal spirit like this, with the world, with lust… throughout your life… all day long… 100, 50, 20 times a day.
And now you’re throwing those stones?
So, Imam Hussein (AS) wanted to say with his action that I rose with reason, understanding, logic, and knowledge
Because God’s religion is not only about prayer, fasting, and pilgrimage.
If Islam consists of hundreds of commandments, one is prayer and the other is fasting.
And you don’t pray when you’re unconscious,
you don’t fast when you’re sick,
you don’t go for Hajj when you don’t have money.
But God's religion shouldn't be far away from you, even for a moment.

But the guardianship of Muhammad (PBUH) and the family of Muhammad (PBUH) shouldn't be far away from you even "for a moment".
So, Imam Hussain (a.s.) is not comparable to the people of the world.
Imam (a.s.) and the Prophet (s.a.w.) cannot be compared with others to, for example, say:
His action was love!
You don’t understand anything, your teacher doesn’t understand, neither do your children.
If we accept other than imams, we won’t understand.
Imam (a.s.) is knowledgeable, Imam (a.s.) is discerning, Imam (a.s.) is obedient
 I said one by one:
1- Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) brought a five-six-month-old child with his wife in the desert.
It’s an order.
2- Moses (PBUH) was born, God ordered his mother: Put him in a box and let him go on the river, she answered: OK.
This is an order.   
3- That chaste woman “Lady Mary (S)" gave birth to a child without a father.
This is an order.
4- God’s Messenger (PBUH) was sitting with Imam Hussain (a.s. ) in one of his arms and Ibrahim in the other; the Prophet’s face color changed.
"What happened to you?"
Gabriel just came and said:
We wanna take the soul of one of these two.
Prophet (s.w.a.) replied: ok,
Take the soul of Ibrahim because he isn’t responsible for any duty, although he is the son of the Prophet, but this is the Imam of time.
These are orders.
After 100 years, God gave a child to Ibrahim (AS).
Take him to cut his neck.
He took him.
see the child’s manners
Daddy cut my neck off my back.
Tie my hands and feet so that you don’t feel pity when I scramble.
(Look, this is religion. He’s Ibrahim’s (AS) child)
says to his father: Daddy, tie my hands and feet so that you don’t feel pity when I scramble
and my blood not to splash on your face disrespectfully.
This is called understanding, this is called wisdom, this is called religion.
That child obviously says this, because he was brought up in the arms of Ibrahim (AS).
He said in order not to feel pity,
and also when I scramble the blood not to splash on you disrespectfully, tie my hands and feet,
cut my neck off my back.
Ibrahim (PBUH) did it.
But the knife didn’t cut,
He got angry and threw the knife.
The knife hit the stone and splited it into two pieces!
Ibrahim (PBUH) said: O knife, you cut this stone in half, but can’t cut my son’s throat, which is more delicate than a flower?
It said: You say cut, my God says don’t cut!
It’s a test

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