Saxby Chambliss Will Not Seek Another Term. How We Did It. #GAsen

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I’m packing for a flight I have in a couple of hours, but received some awesome news: Taxby’s gone.

A few days after the election I began calling friends all across the peach state, a state I used to call home. Knowing that the 2014 midterms would favor Republicans, spawning all sorts of tea party primaries (chief among them South Carolina pre the shuffle), I knew I had to organize a coalition quickly. If we could get the grassroots aware of this inside-baseball Senator, gin up enough dissatisfaction where the press was covering it, we could get more candidates considering. And that, I knew we could turn into something. You can break the house of cards with pressure in politics, but it’s all about timing.

There were already enough good Georgians familiar with Saxby’s record. Quick to cave, slow to lead in a conservative way.

I fired the first shot with my post, Georgia On My Mind: Saxby’s Term Is Up. A week later, I was glad to see Redstate’s Erick Erickson jump in too.

Our ball was rolling.

Allies rallied around the cause. Amy Kremer, Jason Pye, Andrew O’Shea, Tori Wester, Grover Norquist, FreedomWorks, county and district chairs, state legislators, and other activists across the country — all of us began plotting a primary challenge that would knock Saxby out. You see, in the south we have run-offs and we love them. (I better include, Robert Stacy McCain helped.)

It didn’t help that Saxby dug in with liberals and then lied to grassroots party members.

Your tweets, your public pressure, your calling his office all helped. We just ran the cheapest race of the cycle… and won! Thank you. Georgia, thanks you.

I hope Tom Price throws his hat into the race. That’s a man I would take off time to help. That’s a representative Georgians deserve.


Suggested tweet: “I’m with @ali. @TomPriceMD run for #GAsen!”