Starting a Book Club


I’ve talked about it damn near every year for the past several.

Want to start a book club with me?

One of the awesome rewards of being in my line of work is that I get to meet some influential authors and writers. One day, I hope to join their ranks. But this day, I start an organized effort to admire their literary works.

I’m going to have my team setup a special section on my website that’s closed to the public. It’ll be for our book club members only. You’ll be able to participate from anywhere around the world! There we will be able to do a couple of things:

  • Vote on our reading list on a quarterly basis,
  • Have a discussion forum where we can talk about the works,
  • Interact with other book worms and folks like me — people who should read more books

I plan on establishing a more dedicated tier as well. The “Pro” tier. For some monthly cost (haven’t researched it enough yet) you’ll get:

  • The book we’re on will be sent to your home,
  • Votes will be double-weighted while we’re voting on our reading list,
  • And lastly, my favorite: we’re going to spend some time with the authors of some of these books. Yes, the authors will join our little book club to spend time answering our pre-submitted questions via video or by audio recording. This will only be available for Pro members. I’m going to give you time networking with some of the best minds in the movement.

That Pro tier will end up somewhere south of thirty dollars a month. Any more and it becomes silly.

Our book picks will largely be political, but I’d like to also cover some culture, philosophy, and maybe, just maybe one fun book a year. Maybe.


Either way, if you have interest in something like this — comment below so I can email you. Maybe this is one of your New Year’s Resolutions? We start January!