Blacks, Republicans, Everyone Ignoring Artur Davis


Never, ever trust a blue dog Democrat… Not ever.

In 2010, I helped organize activists in at least twenty-six congressional districts that had the terrible misfortune of being caught in between time-space and seemingly parallel universes — otherwise referred to as a blue dog district. These are districts where children tout more knowledge of civil war history than an adult above the Mason-Dixon line, where the county Sheriff is a Democrat and the Governor a Republican, a place where the electoral votes have gone to the GOP since Reagan but Democrats keep being sent to the U.S. Senate.

This brings me to my point. Caroline May with the Daily Caller reported on Davis’ eager attempt to make another headline. This time, like most Ivy League brats, he had advice for Republicans. He explained that Republicans should abandon all hopes of reaching the African-American community. Forget the fact that Democrats won’t put a African-American on the ballot for President anytime soon, although it is likely Republicans won’t either.

For someone as deep into the Presidential horse-race as I was, Davis’ tone struck me as bizarre. Here was this black “conservative-ish” Alabama Democrat who failed to secure his party’s nomination in a bid to become Governor (should I mention that he underperformed in all of his polling?), who quietly began working with conservative groups, speaking on the issue of voter ID laws. During the cycle, he sought to build a relationship with the Romneys, thrusting himself in the middle of Vice President Joe Biden’s controversial, and racial, “chains” remarks, becoming team Romney’s chief surrogate on the remark. Then he was honored with being selected to be in West Chester, Ohio for Romney’s star-studded Republican rally, where dozens of surrogates lined the stage for a historic presentation in political theater.

The election came and went, Romney lost, and Davis wanted to be first out of the gate to share his unique take on what Romney did so horribly wrong and what the Republican party must do to win in the future. You see, this consistently from blue dogs. It’s not just from time to time — it’s always.

When Davis wins a statewide election as a Democrat, or as a Republican and wins a single primary and goes on to win a general election, we may consider listening to his sage wisdom.

As for me and this house, we’ll continue to take the message to African-Americans that the Republican party is the party of opportunity and economic mobility, the party that desires to give single black mothers control over their funding of their child’s education, and the party that favors Section 8 housing over ghettos and project housing.

I emailed the article to a half dozen black Republican leaders and political operatives I know to see if I was getting angry of “much ado about nothing;” however, it was unanimous. Davis was out of line and not likely to earn our trust. Reckless comments like these hurt the cause many of us have been privately and publicly championing. We need more funding for minority outreach and voter education, specifically for African-Americans. We need a longterm plan. We need to be serious about winning these people. In fact, we need a conference for African-Americans and their allies.

Over 1,000,000 African-Americans voted against President Barack Obama (if my math is correct).

What’s Davis’ angle? He’s looking for an opportunity to run for office in Virginia. “Surprising!” said no one ever. This opportunism is typical blue dogist behavior.

Republicans should and will go after all peoples. Specifically, we have a unique opportunity to present the African-American community with viable conservative policy alternatives against the Democrats’ status quo, especially now that Barack Obama will never grace the ballot again.

The battle won’t be easy, frankly, without making inroads inside of the Democrats’ cobbled together coalition, the Republican party doesn’t stand a long term chance at getting the Oval office or protecting the brand so we can put smart men and women inside of the Senate.

We must remember the true nature of the blue dog. After all, a blue dog is only blue because it was a yellow dog (loyal, blindly voting party-line Democrat) after being choked to death (from bad fiscal policies put forth by liberal Democrats who occupy leadership roles).

Blue dogs are the most dishonest, deceitful, double-tongued, dual promising, politically flexible, always ideologically-pliable, gypsy harlots willing to sell out their district for earmarks or a viewpoint for extra votes. Did I mentioned that they’re Politicians too?

My friend and Alabama native, Robert Stacy McCain is quoted as saying, “Ali hates him some blue dog Democrats like God hates sin.” He’s correct and God hates with a righteous hate.